10 Retro Toys Ideas For Holiday Gifts

It's the same horror before every holiday. The toy stores are full of parents in panic trying to find good toys for their kids. The solution is online maybe? Not so easy. Visit Amazon or any other store and you'll see the same stuff everywhere. Discounts may be there, original ideas are not. Same crap, same cheap plastic shit that your kid won't even notice between all other toys.

Maybe you should look at some sites giving gift recommendations? Silly. Most of them just try to sell you stuff to earn some commission. As usual, creativity is scarce on each holiday.

Let me be different. I'll give you some ideas: not direct links to purchase, just ideas for good old-fashioned toys to buy or make yourself. This is the stuff you came here for, isn't it?

Wooden bike
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What about a good old fashioned wooden balance bike? This is a great gift for kids under 6, and affordable, and even good for a DIY project. Here's how to make one yourself.

Wooden digger
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A wooden digger isn't bad either. There are decent ones sold on stores and wooden toys like this don't look crappy. No need even to make one yourself in this case.

Wooden dump truck
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I like this rough style wooden toys a lot. Even if you buy such one, it looks like you made it yourself and not in a bad way. But of course you can actually make such truck yourself. Here's one guide (the truck is not exactly as on the picture).

Wooden motorcycle
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I love the spirit of this Japanese toy. These motorcycles have no moving parts besides the extra wheels and aren't functionally impressive. But they still rock in an unique way that other toys can't beat.

Wooden bus
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A wooden bus like this can be very charming too. The good news is that decent ones are still produced so you don't have to search for a vintage used bus.

Wooden tractor
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And this wooden tractor is a piece of art, isn't it? While it's hard to find exactly the same one, you can find nice looking wooden tractors on Etsy for example.

Vintage tin car
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So much with wood! There are so many nice tin toys out there, for example this tin car. The main problem is finding one which looks good and not as $1 item from AliExpress. Your kids can make the difference, trust me. See here for inspiration what is a good one.

Wooden gun
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I know I said enough with wooden toys, but just look at this gun. It's super cool and simple, and mechanical, powered by a rubber band - just what we like here. So why don't you buy or make one for a gift?

Wind up robot
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OK, back to tin ideas. And not just tin, but an excellent wind-up tin robot. They are always a great gift idea! Just make sure to find a good looking one because, again, the most that are manufactured now just look cheap and don't last long.

Wind up airplane
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Along the same lines, wind-up airplanes are also great. The spring is not powerful enough to make them fly but then still move great and are so lovely.

So how do you feel now. More inspired, aren't you?

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