10 Retro / Vintage TV Sets

If you liked our article about retro computers, you may want to check also this one. We have collected some nice vintge TV sets for you:

1. Intellivision video game console, Rank Arena TV set

Rank Arena TV and a Game Console

Here you've got two in one: a retro TV and a retro game console. This Rank Arena TV Set is probably from the early 1980s or the end of 1970s. I can't see the model very well however - it looks like black & white, but would be odd to not be color TV since there is a game console attached.

2. NES TV Set


There are quite a few things on this picture but we care mostly about the NES TV set also known as Sharp Nintendo Television. Most of these TV sets were manufactured in the 1980s and were very popular in Japan and USA.

3. Back to 70ies!

Old TV

Can you recognize this tv box? The picture is too small to read the brand. Looks like a b/w one though.

4. Old Toshiba Blackstripe television set

Toshiba Blackstripe

Sometimes we had these big TVs staying on a table, other times they had their own legs mounted to them. Judging by the design I presume this one is from 1970s.

5. Rank-Arena Auto-Color television set

Rank Arena Auto Color<

Yet another Rank Arena TV from 1970s. This one looks kind of portable and is for sure a color TV.

6. Sony TV8 - The First All-Transistor TV

Retro Sony TV<

This one is cute and very interesting portable TV set. It's produced in 1960 and is Black and White. More information on this page.

7. Magnavox Console TV

Magnavox Console TV<

What'd you say about this, eh? Really getting back in time. I can't identify which is the year of production of this cool box, but always liked the feel that wooden TV sets gave. And an Atari game on it, just wow.

8. RCA 621

RCA 621<

Speaking about wooden and retro, what about this? :) That's what I call really really old. It's a 7" TV from 1940s. Truly great stuff. Enjoy more info and pictures here.

9. Antique TV

Antique TV

I can't identify the model of this one but it's obviously quite old - from the time when TV sets were looking like furniture. Have you had such TV ever?

10. DuMont TV Set

DuMont TV Set

Here's another one of these. This DuMont TV set is probbaly from around 1955. More information about the DuMont Television Network is available here.

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