14 Boat and Ship Models

Ever wanted to build a wooden boat model? Or a mechanical boat toy? This selection of 14 lovely boats can give you plenty of ideas.

1. Nice DIY Boat

This is good old time toy - not a model of anything real. Just something simple enough for kids to make out of wood using simple tools and nails. It's not too stable to sail but who cares?

Boat 1
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2. SS United States

This cure SS United States model doesn't sail. It can be made of massive piece of wood and then painted.

Boat 2
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3. Wooden Sailor

This looks simple but is not at all easy to make. I guess this is a very old toy - couldn't find information but it's too fantastic to be something made in the recent years.

Boat 3
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4. Model Sailing Ship

This is a typical model ship, one of these that you buy as kits and only put together yourself.

Boat 4
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5. DIY Viking Long Ship

Great job from this father and son! DIY and DIY design as well.

Boat 5
Photo credit

6. Models at Bekonskot Model Village

This is a nice sports boat model most probably made of massive wood. I don't think you can easily find to buy something like this.

Boat 6
Photo credit

7. African Queen sailing along

This is a great, perhaps DIY, 1/12 scale model based on movie. Well done!

Boat 7
Photo credit

8. Sea Helper

A nice commercial model of a sea helper boat.

Boat 8
Photo credit

9. Norwegian Fishing Boat Model

This is truly well done Norwegian model. Professional work.

Boat 9
Photo credit

10. Entertaining Fishing Boat

Finishing boats are great and here's another proof. This model is large and accompanied by realistic sounds. Great toy to have at home, right?

Boat 10
Photo credit

11. Steam boats

If you are a fan of steam machines like us, you'll like these models - great large scale replicas of Americal Queen and Sooty.

Boat 11
Photo credit

12. Carved Wooden Model Sailboat

Amazing work and a really great model. Read also the story that the photographer shaes, it's really interesting. See it here under the picture.

Boat 12
Photo credit

13. Fair Lady

This liner has been photographed in Dortmund. Although this specific model on the picture isn't something you can find, similar liner models are sold as kits and can be built by everyone.

Boat 13
Photo credit

14. Sailing Ship

This great sailing ship has been photographed in Dusseldorf. Very cool model.

Boat 14
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