14 Resources With Wooden Toy Plans

Feeling like Geppetto today? Excellent, making toys yourself is great way to practice your woodworking skills. There are probably hundreds of toys you can make out of wood but your time is of course limited. Slow down, you can't make everything. Look at our selection of wooden toy plans and patterns, pick a toy, and start with it. Good things don't need to be rushed.

This resource list contains mostly free toy plans. There are only a couple of exceptions because I loved the designs. Enjoy them and don't forget to send us pictures when your toy is ready.

Catapult Battle Game "Battle-Pults"

Catapult Battle Game "Battle-Pults" is impressive wooden game with catapults. The author of the post is a woodworker and in addition to the 3D model he has provded a lot of pictures of the work process. He uses a bit of machinery, but most parts can be made with hand tools.

Two Homemade Toys from MotherEarthNews

This article on MotherEarthNews is not just a nice read. It links to 2 cool designs of wooden toys. One is a boom crane. The other is a bomber toy. The link to the third toy unfortunately does not work.

Toy Hobby Horse

This is a really retro toy, and it's easy to make. Those of us born before 1980 have probably played with such toys in their childhood. Most of today's kids don't know them though. So here's an excellent way to let them learn a bit about our past.

The Climbing Bear

Here's another real classic. This toy is not at all hard to make even with beginner's woodworking skills. There are printer-friendly plans too.

Toy Rubber Band Gun

This gun is only slightly more complicated to make. Using the clothespin for a trigger is a nice idea.

Wooden Toy Airplane

The wooden airplane requires more effort and better skills. The effort put in the toy is well worth it because it really looks good. Don't let the ugly web page push you off - there is a excellent downloadable plan for the airplane on it.

Free Rocking Horse Plan

The same site provides a ride-on horse toy plan. This is a shop-quality toy that looks better than the cheap factory-built ones.

Lucky Helicopter

A fun and relatively easy to make toy plan is available here. The toy is basic but looks good and is safe for little kids.

Wooden Animal Figures

These wooden animals are in the same style. They require a bit higher woodworking skills because of the well rounded shapes.


Here is another helicopter. It's a fairly simple template and can be done quickly.

Toy Pickup Truck

Another really retro-looking toy is available here. The only power tool required to build this toy is a bandsaw and I think with more patience you can even go without one. Excellent old-fashioned work we have here!

Cowboy Animated Weathervane

If you are experienced woodworker check out this animated weathervane. The toy requires a lot of patience, precise work and attention to the details. This is not a quick 2 hours project.

Toy Biplane

This biplane toy is from the same site but easier to make. The most attention should be placed into cutting the parts - assembling is the easy part.

Several High-Quality Plans

Finally I want to share a resource with several really high-quality toys: http://toysandjoys.com/. These plans are not free but I think the toys are just too good to be missed. Available also as kits in case you don't want to build from scratch. We are not affiliated with this site, just liked it a lot.

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