19 Really Cool Retro Computers With Their Pictures And Stories

I hope you like old computers. Because we here like them a lot :) Too bad I do not keep any of this stuff lying around. Fortunately other good people have taken snaps from theirs. So here are 19 really cool old PC pictures. Enjoy them now, and expect to see more retro computer stuff here soon:

(You can click on any picture - this will take you to its Flickr page. There you can usually view it in larger size.)

1. AT&T PC 6300

AT&T PC 6300 by blakespot

This cool AT&T one is built in 1984 I think. Should be able to run Windows 1. See more details here. I've seen such one for sale on eBay for around $300.

2. MicroBee (Australian Computer)

Microbee computer by Easterbilby

The MicroBee has interesting story. If you click on the image to go to the Flickr page you can read the short summary by the author. I can't figure out which model exactly is this. So maybe for more info it's best to refer to the Wikipedia page.

3. TRS-80 Color Computer 1 (CoCo)

TRS-80 Color Computer by Easterbilby

This is really well looking stuff but the author says the keyword was bad. This cutie was running Basic and good graphics. It's from 1980! Full details and technical specs can be seen here. Also known as the CoCo. I've seen one at eBay auction starting at just $10.

4. Commodore Vic-20

Comodore Vic-20 by liftarn

The Comodore is one of the best known retro computers. They even made a modern replica recently. To learn more about the original Vic-20 go here.

5. TRS-80 Model III

TRS-80 Model III by Easterbilby

This is one of the earliest personal computers in mass-production, coming from around 1980. The Model III from the picture is released in 1980. See all details here. On eBay one such baby was selling for $500.

6. Apple III Plus

Apple III Plus by Easterbilby

This one runs operating system with the name SOS. Here you can find the full specifications. It has 512 KILObytes of RAM :)

7. Sord M5

Sord M5 by liftarn

Here's one of those cool "home computers" that worked with a TV instead of monitor. Sord M5 went to the market in 1982 in the UK. Here is its page at the Old Computer Museum. Present time many sites offer ROMs emulating the games on this computer.

8. Comodore PET

Comodore PET by JasonParis

This is the super-cool Comodore "Personal Electronic Transactor" that went in production in 1977. This specific model on the picture has between 4KB and 32KB RAM and a CPU of 1MHz. Here is an entire site dedicated to PET. I saw one to be sold on eBay for $800.

9. Apple IIe

Apple IIe by blakespot

Here is the King's Quest game running on Apple IIe. Apple IIe was released in 1983. You can still find many of these sold on eBay at different conditions and prices. Here are good full specs.

10. Videopac 7200

Videopac 7200 liftarn

This funny gadget came with built-in black and white display. No way to change the monitor :) Looks a lot like a computer but it's actually a video game console from 1978. And what you see running on it is the Space Invaders :)

11. Philips MSX

Philips MSX by liftarn

This is an MSX computer made by Philips. Must have been manufactured around 1980. Not sure which modification exactly this is.

12. ZX Spectrum

ZX Spectrum by Quagmire's Photos

Here's another nice 8bit computer manufactured in the UK. This site offers a lot of interesting information + forums, and even emulators of the computers from this series.

13. Amiga 1000

Amiga 1000 by blakespot

Amiga 1000 is a more recent computer - manufacturing started in 1985. The one on the picture must have between 256K and 512K RAM, and ~7Mhz CPU. This page offers a good summary of the computer.

14. Amiga 2000

Amiga 2000 by blakespot

And here is its ancestor - Amiga 2000. Production started in 1987. And - attention! - this is the first computer in this list whose RAM is measured in megabytes - 1MB. Cool, eh? :) Here's more info. Sometimes you will find working ones to be sold on eBay.

15. Atari 520ST

Atari 520ST by blakespot

Notice the mouse! I love Atari - my first game console was Atari (pretty outdated by the time we bought it). Here is a lot of info about the great model from the picture. Things like this are now sold on eBay for about $800.

16. Epson PX-8

Epson PX-8 by blakespot

This is a "portable computer" from 1984. I wonder what you could do on that "screen". The processor looks good for its time however - 4Mhz. See full info here.

17. Apple II

Apple II by jemsweb

And this is the basic Apple II, not the "e" series. Looks quite ancient. Learn more at Apple II page on Wikipedia.

18. Power Macintosh 6100

Power Mac 6100 by blakespot

Everyone wanted one when these came out on the market in 1994! I don't remember what the price was back then, but it was high. The full specifications can be seen here.

19. Atari 2600 Clone (Funvision)

Funvvision Console by lifarn

I mentioned few times that I had Atari as my first game console ever. In fact it was Atari 2600 Clone called Funvision. These came here in Bulgaria very cheap after 1990 and we got one. Here is more info about this Funvision thing. And to be honest, it really was fun to play with it.

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