Optical Illusion Toys

Trick Or Magic?

Disappearing animals, impossible figures, moving things that don't move - optical illusion toys can be all of it. And the good thing: a lot of the optical illusion toys are just papercraft so it's bloody easy to make them at home yourself.

Typically they are mechanical and animated but don't require complex mechanisms like the crank toys for example.

Let's just have a look at a bunch of good ones:

Chessboard Illusion

Optical Illusion

I'm calling this chessboard because it looks like one. Squares A and B are the same shades of gray although they look completely different. I had to check this with my photo editor to actually believe it! It's so funny what our brains do. And even after I saw the colors are the same, I still can't make myself see it that way.

Moving snakes

Optical Illusion

And these "snakes" aren't moving, I guarantee you because it's not animated gif 8-) This is again not a toy, however you could print it out if you prefer your kids not to watch it on the screen.

Optical Illusion House

Optical Illusion House

And now this is funny toy to put in your garden. Looks a lot like a house on a hill when it's actually just a cardboard structure turned on the other end. Before investing into building such a toy, have in mind the illusion is only efficient from a specific viewpoint.

Dragon Optical Illusion

Dragon Optical Illusion

This is a papercraft toy again. It's made in such a way that the eyes seem to be watching anywhere you go in the room. You can find plans here.

Impossible Shapes

Mental blocks

This is cool, although it's hard to imagine how it can be made as a toy. It is possible if all the parts are slightly skewed but in general this remains an impossible shape.

Magical Blocks

Visual Perception

This is a really old optical illusion. I know it from a book from 1960 or so. Look at these blocks, are they with black tops or with black bottoms? You can make yourself see them both way, and there is no correct one.

Optical illusions can make very funny and educational toys and games especially for kids who were not exposed to them previously.

Do you know any other cool ones?

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