Why Retro Toys Are Always Actual

Computer games and RC toys will never replace good old fashioned toys that have no electronics at all

If someone told me that 20 years ago, I wouldn't believe him. I was still a kid, so were the computers (we didn't even have one at home). At that time the PC games were surrounded by some magic probably because we could rarely afford to play them.

If at that time I knew today everyone will be able to play as much computer games as they want, I would think that kids and adults would not want to play anything else. Quite naive idea, isn't it?

Nowadays retro toys are even more valuable

Maybe because today's kids just don't have enough time for them. Maybe because they are playing so much in the virtual world that everything that is not virtual becomes an exception. Maybe because the retro toys have souls.

I don't know the reason but old fashioned toys are now more actual than ever. They are great gifts for children and even adults and

bring a lot of joy and satisfaction

to those who collects them. Retro toys have huge emotial value, they don't get morally amorthised like the computer games or RC toys when a new model arrives.

Retro Toys have educational value

Take for example the mechanical toys. Their simple but awesome mechanisms encourage children's inventor thinking much

more than an RC toy whose engine and control are too complex to be decrypted.

You can create some simple retro toys yourself or with your kids. This is an

excellent reason for the family to spend some more time together

engaged in such a creative and peaceful activity. Playing with old fashioned toys teaches the children to value the beautiful and fine things in life.

Retro Toy Car
The old fashioned toys can even shine and look luxury
Photo by t6mdm

No violence

Do you hate the outrageous violence that flushes from the video games? There are good news for you - most retro toys are not related to violence in any way. Even the toys of soldiers and guns look cute and friendly - there is no virtual blood and truncated heads.

Instead of encouraging violence, the retro toys encourage good taste and creativity. Instead of pinning your kids in front of the monitor, they urge them to move around. Instead of using batteries and soiling the nature, the retro toys use mechanical power and are eco-friendly.

There are many reasons to love the retro toys. So we love them. Do you?

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