You've Got Some Tin Cans? I've Got Some Toy Ideas!

Making toys of coke cans or other used tin cans was popular years ago. Now it's a kind of lost craft but fortunately the web is full of nice freaks who like to restore lost crafts. Let me be one of them :) I've collected a bunch of interesting links, images and videos with tin can toy ideas. Check them out and see if you'd like to try making some of these toys yourself.

Warning: safety first. Working with tin is dangerous. Always use protection gloves.

A Coke Can Airplane

Let's start with some inspiration first:

Coke Can Airplane
Photo credit

This is an airplane made of coke cans. It's quite an advanced toy and requires precise cutting and bending. It's not the best project if you are just starting with coke cans.

DIY Coca Cola Truck

The below video will show you how to make a truck from used Coca Cola cans. It's only slightly simpler than the airplane above, but at least there are plans which you can follow. It's a good project for someone with a bit of experience working tin cans:

Coke Can Camera

Coke Can Camera
Photo credit

This camera is real piece of art. There are no plans or instructions so if you want to do something similar you'll have to use your imagination.

Airplanes and Helicopters

There is a cute store on Etsy selling aviation toys from tin cans. Have a look at their Airplane made from Coca Cola. Have a look at the seller's account, he has several other very nice toys (I am not related to them in any way). Whether you'll buy or just use for inspiration, it deserves a look.

Scale Modeling in Metal 1/10 scale Midget Racer & The Coke Moke

Here's a video showing rather advanced scale models from used tin cans. Pretty impressive!

Tin Can Robot

Here is a lovely tin can robot with very detailed instructions and pictures. Painted and cute robot, well done!

Tin Can Telephone

Don't forget the good old tin can telephone! It's not just a toy, it's a functional device that may also be used to help learning some physics concepts.

Tin Can Telephone

More Interesting Links

Here are several other interesting pages that will give you ideas or instructions for making tin can toys:

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