I Have Some Useless Machines For You

Useless machines? You mean completely useless?

Not exactly! Although most of these machines do nothing useful, they are still useful especially for learning. These machines often illustrate principles of mechanics and physics in great way. And they are just funny. If you are not that funny and want to know more about the theory, check this page.

The Most Useless Machine EVER!

The video below shows something that claims to be the most useless machine. I can argue that I have seen even more useless ones :-) But it's pretty interesting so have a look.

If you are interested to make such a machine yourself this instructable will get you trhough the task.

Walking on Infinite Grass

Do you like walking in the nature? This machine offers you to use it instead of going outside. Enjoy:

Reminds me too much to a well known fitness equipment :D


Like some of the comments under the video says, the future is now! This is mind-blowing, you've never seen such amazing technical invention! Just look!!!

Pedal Shoes

You think this is not good enough? What about automatic shoes then? This actually might not be that useless if the radius of the wheels is large enough to make difference between walking and using the machine.

Another DIY Useless Machine

The DIY fans won't get bored. This instructable offers another really useless machine with detailed instructions showing you how to make yours. Enjoy!

Instrument of Mass Destruction!

This is no joke, here's a serious weapon. Don't do this at home!

robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.

The USB Typewriter

Let me show you something less destructive. If you are nostalgic for the "good old times" you'll enjoy this:

The Almost Useless Machine

Tired of completely useless stuff? This one is different: it can cut some wood! If you plan to use it to cut your firewood, plan two years ahead.

The Almost Useless Machine from tinkerlog on Vimeo.

Finally, if you always dreamed to create something completely useless but have no skills for it, you can buy a useless machine kit. Just $35 or so.

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