Wind Up Toys Showcase

No Eyewash, We've Collected Some Real Toys For You!

Theory is nice, but I know you like to see some live examples for all the toys we talk about in this site. Good news, I've done some research and collected great examples

with pictures and descriptions

The few examples you see here aren't at all making a complete showroom of the wind up toys available out there. I selected the best examples mostly from Amazon, but checking your local stores may help you discover even greater ones.

Pets and other animals are frequent subject for wind up toys. These ones are made of plastic and are sold individually for about $2 per piece (click on the picture to go to the store). You can see a monkey, a rabbit, a dog, a cat, a bear and a monkey. These pets flip forward and land on their feet. These toys, like most other wind ups are not appropriate for small children under 3 years because of the small parts they have.

We are getting onto more interesting toys. This is a nice wind up duck on a bike. It pedals its bike and spins the propeller on its head. Unlike the pets, this one is made of tin and is much larger - 7.5" (19cm) high. The price is also higher ($14 right now). It's made in China but is a high quality item and as the reviews say, it's mostly for collectors, not for kids. There are many ways to skin a duck, but better don't skin this one!

Here's another beautiful wind up tin toy that's more appropriate for collectors and adults than for children. It's an elephant with balls and wonderful colors. Its balls roll and the drum and the propeller spin when you power the toy with the key. It's large more than 7" and is even more expensive than the previous one - $23. This toy is an excellent give to someone who can value. (This circus elephant OK for mature kids older than 12 years too).

Looking for something really impressive? Awika! is a really famous wind up toy. It doesn't represent a real animal, but that doesn't make it less impressive (on the contrary!). It's a tin toy that can climb and spark with its PVC legs. Like many of Kikkerland toys it's designed by a famous designer (Chico Bicalho) and has truly unique look. Be careful it's not for small kids and it's only 4" length. Priced at about $13.

Speaking about Kikkerland toys, I can't skip showing you the great Pintacuda. It's a dancing toy with nice size of 4"/3.5" and has the same price of about $13. The toy is made of steel, only the feet are of PVC. The main disadvantage of this toy is that it keeps motion for only 10-15 seconds and then you need to wind it up again. That's probably due to quite complex dancing it performs.

There is also category of wind up toys that look as plush animals. Their gears are completely hidden and you don't see any tin or plastic directly. This 6" long wind up squirrel hops around and looks quite realistic for about $9. These toys are more for kids than for collectors but still don't give to toddlers due to the small parts.

Be careful not to mess this toy with a real squirrel!

A showcase of wind up toys couldn't be full without a wind up robot. This is an original one offered by Futurama for $15. It's 8 1/2" (22 cm) tall and is made of tin. It can change mouth expression and open its chest to show the gears inside. It's a very fun toys, but more appropriate for collectors than for kids. A great choice for people who love retro style robots.

If you anyway decide to give it to your kids at least make sure they are mature enough - 6 years or more because the tin parts may be dangerous.

Well, we can continue such a tour forever, but I think for now these 7 toys are enough to show a lot of the variety that wind up toys have. Indeed this is my favorite category of mechanical toys and I won't be surprised if it's your favorite too.

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