55 Great Resources About Making Woden Toys

Everything You Wanted To Know About Wooden Toys But Were Afraid To Ask :)

If you have read our article about making wooden toys, I know you are here for more. If you have not seen it yet, you can do that now to get general idea what is making wooden toys and why you should be excited about doing it.

And after you get excited, I won't let you just hang around: I've collected for you a great list of resources about making wooden toys yourself. Enjoy:

General How-Tos

  1. The art of makign wooden toys - nine pages, very detailed and good guide
  2. How to make wooden toys
  3. How to Make Wooden Toys Your Kids Will Love
  4. Makign Wooden Toys: 12 easy-to-do projects with full-size templates - this is an entire book and it's available for free!
  5. Making Wooden Toys to Sell Online
  6. Making wooden toys - a good forum thread with some useful links inside
  7. Homemade Toys - Make Your Own Baby Toys
  8. How to Make Eco-Friendly Wooden Toys

Specific Toy How-tos

  1. Building a Toy Car - a guide with good pictures and explanations
  2. Building a Pinewood Derby Car
  3. Wooden Farm Toys for Haymaking - one of the lovely guides by Instructables!
  4. Indoor Wooden Castle
  5. Build a Toy Train to Fight for What's Right
  6. How to Make Wooden Toy Gun
  7. How to Make a Good Toy Train Set - that's a lovely train and a great Wikihow guide
  8. How to Build Wooden Ship Models
  9. Wooden Toy Hand Plane
  10. How To Build Airplane Wings
  11. How to Make a Wooden Puzzle
  12. Build a portable kids puppet theatre
  13. Handmade Toys - Make a Wooden Birdie
  14. How to Make a Wooden Sword
  15. How to Make a Wooden Snake Toy
  16. Star Wars Wooden Spaceship - this is a unique toy created with a lot of imagination
  17. Easy to Make Wooden Dollhouses
  18. A Miniature Tractor
  19. How to make a wooden truck toy
  20. How to Make a Toy Castle

Videos About Wooden Toys

  1. Automata, Catch Me if You Can - truly amazing wooden crank toy, a look inside it (2:30 min)
  2. Timberkits Caterpillar - Wooden Automata - amazing wooden toy. Unfortunately this video is not instructional, just shows the toy. Only 13 seconds.
  3. Animated wooden toys - another short (0:05 min) but great one
  4. How to make a wooden puzzle - 4:30 mins
  5. How to make a wooden toy - a 4 minutes video showing how to make a wooden part
  6. How To Make A Wooden Spoon Puppet - very easy projects in 2 minutes
  7. Tumbling Toy Physics - a great educational video
  8. Waddling Duck Toy Physics - and one more

Wooden Toy Plans and Patterns - Some Are Free

  1. Almost 20 Free Plans - great collection! Click on the links under the pictures.
  2. Free wooden toy plans - a collection of links to many free plans
  3. Wooden Toy Plans - a collection of several good plans (not all links work)
  4. Aschi's Workshop - few great plans at affordable prices
  5. Free Wooden Toy Plans - few good links here too
  6. Several free tutorials and plans
  7. Free Toy Car Plans
  8. A big collection of affordable plans
  9. Toys and Joys - severla plans for bigger toys (non-free)
  10. Free Scroll Saw Puzzle Patterns - a lot of them for free!
  11. Animal Silhouettes

Other Resources About Wooden Toys

  1. How To Decorate Wooden Toy Boxes
  2. Web's Largest Resource for Old Toys
  3. Wooden toy train as seen on Wikipedia
  4. 10 Free Wooden Bike Plans: Make Your Own Wood Recumbent, Bamboo Bike and More! - not exactly toys, but really great
  5. Few amazing wooden toys

Other Woodworking Resources

  1. Learn the Basics of Woodworking
  2. Top 10 Safety Rules Every Woodworker Should Know
  3. Woodworking Articles and Blogs
  4. Marc Adams School of Woodworking

That's the full list for now. Have you got some cool resources? Share them please!

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