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Let's Fly Mechanical Airplane Toys

Toys that fly? The RC airplane industry is huge. But we don't talk RC here. We love the good old mechanical stuff. Can airplanes be mechanical? Sure. Some of them even fly. Let's see:

Free flight airplanes

Free flight airplanes don't have that much (or any) mechanics in them. They are just light static aircraft models that are thrown by hand or kind-of trebuchet and let the wind bring them away. The most important thing about them is to be light, robust and aerodynamical. There are often no moving parts in them. Some have rotating propeller like the one on the picture below:

Sticks and Tissue

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You've Got Some Tin Cans? I've Got Some Toy Ideas!

Making toys of coke cans or other used tin cans was popular years ago. Now it's a kind of lost craft but fortunately the web is full of nice freaks who like to restore lost crafts. Let me be one of them :) I've collected a bunch of interesting links, images and videos with tin can toy ideas. Check them out and see if you'd like to try making some of these toys yourself.

Warning: safety first. Working with tin is dangerous. Always use protection gloves.

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Retro Gun Toys

Are you crazy, giving guns to my kid? To my little cute innocent angel??

If this is your reaction to the title maybe you shouldn't read ahead :) The idea that gun toys teach violence has very little ground. They are just a way for the kids to have some harmless fun and play the big bad boys from books and movies. We all played with many gun toys as kids but to the best of my knowledge none of us turned into a criminal. The good gun toys are educational and when presented well they can teach your kids to the honor of the brave men in the wild west, the soldiers, policemen, etc.

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I Have Some Useless Machines For You

Useless machines? You mean completely useless?

Not exactly! Although most of these machines do nothing useful, they are still useful especially for learning. These machines often illustrate principles of mechanics and physics in great way. And they are just funny. If you are not that funny and want to know more about the theory, check this page.

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14 Boat and Ship Models

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