DIY Retro Toy Projects

Projects for retro toys and other cool stuff you can build yourself. Having ideas for more categories? Or a project you want to share? Let me know!

Tin Toys

Ice toy
Tin toys are often made of recycled materials like coke cans or other tin cans. There are some safety measures to take when working with tin. Most of these projects are appropriate for adults or kids that are at least 10 years old.

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Wooden Mechanical Toys

monster truck

Here are some projects for all kind of wooden toys powered by kinetic energy. Some of the projects may involve cams and cranks, while others are just moved by hand or gravity.

Push and Pull Toys

Toys that are pushed by hand or pulled through a rope or a plastic chain.

These toys aren't very technical and you can make them together with kids.

Cam and Crank Toys

Delivery, Kanto Japan 1960's
Toys powered by cams and cranks, known also as automata toys.

Some of them are very easy to make but others require high level of precision.

Papercraft Toys

Makedo Moveable Cutout~ 3 of 4 photos
Toys made of paper. Some are based on the Origami craft, others are more complex and have moving parts.

There are even some projects for papercraft automata. Good for all ages!

Puppets and Muppets

Puppets on the Pier
Toys moved by hand - either by putting your hand inside the toy or by strings on top of it.

Most often they are made of various soft materials. Some are made of paper, wood or even tin.

Other Interesting Projects

Other interesting toys and crafts project. I stick mostly to various kinds of mechanical and old fashioned toys but any other craft project of interest may find its place here.