DIY Projects: Puppets and Muppets

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Toys moved by hand - either by putting your hand inside the toy or by strings on top of it.

Most often they are made of various soft materials. Some are made of paper, wood or even tin.

7 Super Fun DIY Sock Puppets

This is a collection of other tutorials but they are really lovely so I decided to share them with you.

Here's the link:

I especially love the guitar player!

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How to Make a Muppet Style Puppet

Muppet Style Puppet
This muppet is made of foam and some materials on hand. Detailed guide with several good photos.

Go here to see the guide.


Large resource of puppetry building books, patterns, tutorials, and materials.

Follow this link.

Easy Animal Puppets

Tin Army Truck
Several ideas for DIY animal puppets made mostly of paper. The guide doesn't offer templates so you'll have to draw them yourself.

Here is the page.

Dancing Duck

I love this kind of simple puppets. I ve seen them on fairs long time ago.

Check this page for description and patterns.