DIY Projects: Wooden Mechanical Toys

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Here are some projects for all kind of wooden toys powered by kinetic energy. Some of the projects may involve cams and cranks, while others are just moved by hand or gravity.

Read more about mechanical wooden toys here.

Automata and Mechanical Toy Plans

This is a good resource page with lots of links to automata and mechanical toy plans. Some are free, some not. There are also several books linked.

Go to the page.

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55 Great Resources About Making Wooden Toys

This is our collection of 55 resources. You may have already seen some of them.

Here are they all on one page.

Stacking train blocks toy plan

A very detailed guide and templates for building wooden toy train. The toy is good for little kids and building it isn't very hard.

See the instructions.

Detailed Toy Wooden Train

Wooden Train Toy
This is a more classy wooden train. The guide contains good explanation plus detailed PDF drawings of the train parts. Get it here

Wooden Trains

This is a little fun project to make wooden trains. No templates but good explanation.

See how to do it here.

How To Make a Waddle Duck Toy

Waddle duck toy
Video, instructions and a template for making a waddle duck toy.

This is very educational toy which illustrates some gravity and physics concepts really nice.

Go to the instructions.