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10 Retro Toys Ideas For Holiday Gifts

It's the same horror before every holiday. The toy stores are full of parents in panic trying to find good toys for their kids. The solution is online maybe? Not so easy. Visit Amazon or any other store and you'll see the same stuff everywhere. Discounts may be there, original ideas are not. Same crap, same cheap plastic shit that your kid won't even notice between all other toys.

Maybe you should look at some sites giving gift recommendations? Silly. Most of them just try to sell you stuff to earn some commission. As usual, creativity is scarce on each holiday.

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Let The Toys Play on Scene: Making Toy Theatre

If you want to go really old-school, playing a toy theatre is a great way to do it. Yeah, kids now have TV, Netflix, tabletes and phones. Nothing beats the good old-fashioned toy theatre, trust me!

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10 Retro / Vintage TV Sets

If you liked our article about retro computers, you may want to check also this one. We have collected some nice vintge TV sets for you:

1. Intellivision video game console, Rank Arena TV set

Rank Arena TV and a Game Console

Here you've got two in one: a retro TV and a retro game console. This Rank Arena TV Set is probably from the early 1980s or the end of 1970s. I can't see the model very well however - it looks like black & white, but would be odd to not be color TV since there is a game console attached.

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Here Be Crochet Dragons: The Art Of Knitting Toys

Cams, cranks, gears, wood, springs, and what not. That's what comes first in my mind when thinking about the toys from my childhood. We had also some toys made of plush, but they were all factory made. Our grandma's were knitting socks and pullovers but noone I know had the idea to knit toys. Who knew they'll be so popular 30 years later? Now with the rise of all kind of handmade stuff knitted toys are blooming. And you can also make yours, as long as you can knit.

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Music Boxes Rule The World

If "music box" sounds like a phone app to you, you may want to read this. I know it sounds odd, but people actually enjoyed physical music boxes that had just one melody. Or, at best, a couple of melodies. And such music box toys are available even today for a few bucks.

But What's a Music Box?

It's a mechanical instrument that generates music by rolling a cylinder with a set of pins on it. These pins hit strings and generate sound. Music boxes used to be big as tables and had interchangeable cylinders. Nowadays this kind of music boxes are in museums. But much simpler and smaller ones are available as toys you can buy and give your kids. And, to my surprise, most kids will enjoy them pretty much. Regardless of all the electronic devices with a lot more functionality they have.

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